Entrepreneur with a Golden Heart Musarrat Misbah

She was born to the family of a business man and a philanthropist woman in Karachi, Pakistan, on 25th November, 1959. Her father, Mr. Mishah Uddin Khan, is a business tycoon and her mother a renowned social worker in the same city.

Musarrat Misbah spent the early years of her life in Karachi. She graduated from St. Josepha’s College there and received her education as a cosmetologist and beautician from, France UK and Germany. Originally, she wanted to become a doctor, as she told in an interview but because of early marriages she could not achieve that goal. After her divorce in 1970 she moved to Europe where she tried her hardest to get into medical school. God had his own plans for her and the only feedback she ever got was from cosmetologists and beauticians. She received education about skin treatments, therapies and other beauty related fields.

Finally, she launched her own range of cosmetics after 2 years of solid research. She claimed he items were Halal and would not harm the skin as much as other branded products did. She also proposed that the shades of the different cosmetics were carefully chosen keeping in mind the skin tone of the Pakistani women. The range became a huge success because of its safety features and excellent quality.

Musarrat’s commitment to her dreams and innovative thinking process enabled her to come up with something no one had ever imagined and supported her to reach the top. She came back from Europe 2 years later and started a saloon service at her apartment since she aimed to serve the women in Pakistan with all the fine knowledge she’d gained. Constant criticism began by the neighbors right away but that didn’t stop her from working towards achieving her goal until one day, a lady who used to criticize and ridicule her constantly came to her doorsteps and asked for help.

Musarrat recalls this event as one of the biggest achievement of her lifetime, as she states in an interview. Her risk taking ability as an entrepreneur led her to the right path despite of it being a harsh one. In 1980, she continued her journey of spreading beauty to the women of Pakistan and established a beauty salon she named Depilex. Through the saloon the renowned beautician continued to commence in her journey of success. The Saloon continued to flourish making Misbah one of the finest entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Her work began to appear in papers and soon she needed no other introduction in the society but her name. She married again during that time only to meet the same fate again. She was one of the few self-made females at that time that rose above all odds, defying the norms and created an ideal life for herself.

 In 2003, as Misbah recalls and marks that day as the most important day of her life and existence, a burka-clad lady appeared to one of her saloons and demanded to meet her. When inquired, the woman simply asked Misbah to “fix her”. Later when asked what fixing she required Misbah came across one of society’s most cruel practices. The woman was a victim of an acid attack and demanded that her face be fixed. Misbah as she mentions in an interview was shocked. She had no idea if she alone could fight the society and its harsh practices. This event, perhaps the one God had eagerly planned for her, changed her life instantly.

Being a woman of a generous heart Misbah decided to help the victimized woman. This event brought to her attention, the hundreds of women who lived their lives in angst just because of the unkind society and her empathetic self-began to wonder how they could be helped. She posted an add in a newspaper about the Saloon helping acid victims and a total of 42 women responded. In 2005, Misbah took a courageous step and laid the foundations of “Depilex Smile Again”. This was a committee that helped acid and kerosene victims, a rehabilitation center for women who had been rejected and unjustly punished by the society. The organization began to facilitate women and helped them regain their beauty again. Many remarried and began to lead normal lives.

Misbahs dedication and sincerity towards these women led her to earn loads of respect in the world. She is an entrepreneur but the one with a heart, The one who certainly doesn’t crave the worldly riches but the happiness of the victimized and hurting souls out there. She has been honored with numerous awards for her social service and courage to help end an evil in the society. She is the first female to be recognized and awards by Italian Government on Women’s Day for her diligent work. Today she is successfully sunning 42 franchises across Pakistan and continues to rehabilitate victimized women

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